~Luthiadain's Heir~

~Luthiadain's Heir~
~Excerpt from Last Chapter~
~Prologue for my Story~
~My Story~

You all know the story of Ouralwin Luthiadain... and how she failed to destroy Blaxioadda. You know she had a daughter, Lyra Emenwyn, the Goddess of Survial, whom Emenost foretold would always bring hope while she lived. And hope she did bring...

Beautiful flowing hair, like Sun and Moon united... green-blue eyes of the Sea... a strong and courageous heart... she had it all.

For 12 years, Lyra lived on Earth, totally unaware that she was anything other than human, unaware that Elves and such creatures even existed. But one historical Autumn afternoon, Lyra and her human friends are swept away to Galonstiyl. She learns of the terrible Blaxioadda, and her great destiny to destroy him. Through a journey of peril and danger, Lyra must find the way to victory.

Her fate depends on the purity of Survival...

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