~Prologue for my Story~

~Luthiadain's Heir~
~Excerpt from Last Chapter~
~Prologue for my Story~
~My Story~


    Long ago, in the Galonstiyl Solar System, there were seven planets. They were Earth, Galmagar, Telenta, Makonwy, Corudia, Whistannya, and Blakya. Blakya was the largest and closest to the Sun. And long ago, on Blakya, an evil spirit formed from the ashen volcanoes. That spirit in now known as Daeimlaa, meaning 'the Great Enemy'. At first, he was rather dim-witted and unaware, but not for long. He gathered information on the Galaxy, and had a burning desire to control it. He split his body into seven pieces, one for each planet. Carefully watching over the folk of the other worlds, he chose one person from each planet, called the Chosen Ones, and, after placing a piece of his soul into theirs, he bent them to his will. From there, he corrupted the hearts of the weak.  But the Galonstiyl Solar System is strong, and can well defend itself. There is much good there, fighting against Evil. Take for example, the wise elves of Whistannya and Corudia. And the stout hearts of the Galmagarians. The wise sorcerers of Telenta. The brave, well-meaning folk of Makonwy. Earth, on the other hand, was a failure. Mostly, it was because the Earthean humans did not believe. The dwarves shook their heads in pity of Earth, the Elves had tears in their eyes when they spoke of Earth, the Galmagarians pounded their fists when Earth was the topic, the witches spoke of tragic prophecy for Earth. Even the Gods had to admit there was no hope.

      The Gods... It all started with, Èmenost, the Creator. He was the only one at first. But he did not want to rule the Galaxy alone, for he was very good and kind-hearted. He created Gwuina, who was to be the King of the Gods. After that, Nystyle, Goddess of Love, Wythhok, God of Music and Joy, and then, Kala, his first Great Creation. Kala was the Goddess of Help. Her tale was a widely known one, often told to small Elven children or wizened old witches.

     In a land now called Imladdriln, there was a small circle of grass in the deep forest. In the very center, there was a very sacred pool. Its crystal-clear waters were held in a large bowl-like hole, the bottom a slick surface of apple-green rock. Soft moss embedded most of the rock, and covered the ground around it. It was very beautiful, and very sacred indeed. One day, a young frog was hopping about on a very hot day. Unaware of its sacredness, the frog named Mysten bounced right in and swam the afternoon away. Eventually, the Sun began to set, and Mysten was very tired. He tried to hop out, and realized that not only had all his splashing made some water spill out, but the rock basin was extremely slippery. He simply could not keep his little grippy toes on the surface of the rock. And he could not jump that high.

    Just when Mysten was giving in to despair, the Great God Èmenost took pity on the helpless frog. From the churning waters of the pool, he created a young, beautiful maiden with dark, velvety black hair. She was a Goddess, the Goddess of Help. Her name was Kala. Standing in the pool, she noticed the exhausted frog. Picking him up in her gentle hands, she began to stroke him, and after a while she put him down in the moss beside the pool. The grateful Mysten looked up at her in awe, then bounded away. Kala became known for her gentleness and kindness. With the help of Èmenost, she created the first Elves, only at the time she called them 'Arnon'. She told each and every new elf that their job was to protect all nature, and that is just what they did. Thus is the story of Kala.

    Of all the five good planets, Whistannya was the greatest. There dwelled the original 'Arnon' of Kala, called the Haxcranyan Elves. These were the wisest, strongest, least-easily-corrupted elves, with the survival skills of the fittest. They held more wisdom than even the Kronadon witches (though not in the same category). The wisest of them knew every language of Galonstiyl. Many Haxcranyan elves were Gods, as were the elves of the planet Corudia.

    One of the greatest Haxcranyan Gods was Ouralwin Luthiadain, the Goddess of Wilderness. She was fair and kind, and very beautiful. Her long, thick hair was a most amazing raven-black, her eyes a soft sea-grey, her skin white and fair. At her waist she carried her long, silver sword, Gaemhuul, sheathed in wood with carved leaves. Set upon her brow was a thin wreath of leaves and twigs and flowers, masterfully entwined like a crown. It was said that she would destroy the Chosen Ones of Daeimlaa.

                Here follows her fate...

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